Mediator training

Annual Training Requirements for All Practising Family Mediators

All mediators need to acquire a minimum of 10 hours CPD per year which must be directly relevant to family mediation practice. The hours need to be gained during the membership year which runs from 30th November to 1st December the following year.

The CPD points may comprise ten hours of Category A CPD or a minimum of 5 hours Category A CPD plus five hours of Category B CPD.

Category A includes courses run by recognised Family Mediation training providers, approved by the former UK College of Family Mediators and endorsed by the Family Mediation Council, which includes the FMA training. These courses are clearly Family Mediation specific.

Category B CPD can only be approved by a mediator’s PPC and may include courses run by other training providers, as long as the PPC believes the content may be relevant for the mediator. An example may be a legal update or a welfare benefits input from a training provider that is not approved and listed by the FMC.

Category B CPD could also include reading/studying articles of interest, doing a study or some research, all of which must have some direct relevance to Family Mediation. Examples may include reading articles in Family Law or studying the demography of an area in a bid to increase referrals to Family Mediation from groups or individuals who are not well represented.

If Category B CPD is utilised the PPC must be satisfied that the actual work is evidenced and is applied to the mediator’s practice.

Please note that Category A CPD can be awarded for Family Mediators planning and delivering training courses. Essentially, one hour of training = 1 CPD point.

Minimum Hours of Family Mediation Practice Per Year

Please contact the administration for further details.


Practising PPCs must also acquire a minimum number of five CPD per year in addition to ten CPD as a practising mediator. This is best gained by the FMA PPC days, each of which provides a minimum of five CPD.

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